About Design Chemical

What Is Our Background?

Our experiences are wide ranging and cover several different types of industry and careers including; engineering, nuclear, airlines, rubber plantations, banking, supply chain management, purchasing, business management and of course web and print design. We have worked in both Europe and SE Asia with significant experience in the UK, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

It is this experience as both business managers and owners in several very different environments, combined with our knowledge of web design and printing, that gives us a better insight into how currently available technologies can be applied to benefit your business and create opportunities to grow online.

What Makes Us Tick?

Innovation is probably the most "exciting" thing for us. Taking a problem and creating a solution by adapting both business processes and the vast resources that are available with the internet. We like to approach most projects with an attitude that anything is possible and then come up with the concept to achieve the result.

We always try not to be clouded by opinions and/or "standard" approaches and look at each project individually, starting with what is the desired final product.

When people say "Think out of the box" our only reply is ... "What box?" ... at Design Chemical there are no boxes. Dont worry about the box and it wont be a problem.

Want To Know More?

Contact us or email us at .

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