jQuery Tutorial – Create a Pinterest Feed jQuery Plugin Using AJAX & jQuery Isotope

jQuery Pinterest Feed Plugin Tutorial

In our latest jQuery social network tutorial we are going to create a jQuery plugin to display Pinterest feeds via AJAX from either a username or pinterest board and display them in a masonry style wall using jQuery Isotope.

The plugin will also include code to display time since posted, options to set the number of feed items to display … more

jQuery Tutorial – Create A jQuery Twitter Feed Plugin

jQuery Twitter Feed Plugin Tutorial

In the following tutorial we are going to go show how to create a jQuery plugin to display Twitter feeds via AJAX from either a username or search using the Twitter API.

The plugin will also include code to display time since posted, retweet, reply & favourite links plus options to set the number of feed items to display, turn … more

8 Useful jQuery Snippets For URL’s & Querystrings

In any web project you will inevitably come across a situation where being able to extract information or use the current page URL would be useful. If server-side code is not available to help we can use javascript to get this information.

The following are examples of useful code snippets that can be used – some of the examples use … more

jQuery Tutorial – Create a Flexible Data Heat Map

jQuery Data Heat Map

Add more excitement to data tables using jQuery and conditional formatting to generate flexible data “heat maps”.

Long tables of numbers are never fun to look at and when presenting this kind of data on the web, where attention spans are already at their limits, you need to be able to present the highlights as quickly as possible.

Data heat … more

jQuery Tutorial – Adding Vertical Animation to the Slider Menu

After our jQuery tutorial yesterday on creating a jQuery Slider Menu we have had several requests on how to modify the jQuery code to scroll the slider images vertically instead of horizontally.

In today’s post we are going to look at changing the jQuery code so that the slider menu can handle both vertical and horizontal animation.

Both the HTML … more

jQuery Tutorial – Create a jQuery Menu Slider

jQuery Menu Slider

In the following tutorial we are going to go through how to create a jQuery menu slider similar to the one used in our own website’s mega menu navigation (see “Wordpress Plugins” menu item).

View Demo Download Source Code


The HTML is very simple and basically includes:

  • A wrapper (”#menu-slider”) – only used for styling the jquery menu
  • more

Create An Automatic Content Filter Using jQuery & CSS Classes

The objective of today’s jQuery tutorial is to automatically generate a list of “category” links from CSS class names and use these links to filter our HTML content.

For the tutorial demo we are going to use a list of links for our jQuery tutorials, which we would like to filter by subject/category. This technique however is useful for any … more

New Wordpress Plugin – Slick Contact Forms

Slick Contact Forms is our latest Wordpress plugin using jQuery. The plugin allows you to quickly and easily add contact forms to any post or page in Wordpress using widget areas.

The plugin allows multiple forms per page, option to either use jquery sticky tabs or jquery floating tabs for the contact form and configure the form settings, animation and … more

jQuery Animated Error Messages & Form Validation

In today’s tutorial we are going to use jQuery animation to create more interesting and engaging form validation errors for a user registration form.

Our jQuery form submit and validation code is based on the same one we created in our “Create Your Own jQuery AJAX Form Submit With Validation” tutorial in February. The additional items that we are going … more

Form Validation Using jQuery and Regular Expressions

Regular expressions offer an extremely flexible and powerful way of adding validation to your website forms. Combined with jQuery, it allows you to ensure that data sent to the server matches all of your requirements.

In this post I have included several example regular expressions that we have used in our web design projects for validating form input.

For this … more

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