Printing Gold Colour

Recently I experienced the agony of trying to get the colour gold printed on a series of products that I designed and this is what I discovered.

On our first try using digital print, the resulting colour was a greenish brown colour. Nowhere close to Gold

On our second try using offset print, the resulting colour was still a greenish … more

Printing with Art Paper or Woodfree Paper

When printing is important to know which paper type to use and when.

There are two main types of paper for printing – each one has it’s own specific use.

Printing With Art Paper

Art paper has a hard, smooth surface on one or both sides, which created by a coat of fine clay compound. Art paper is commonly used … more

Silver Foil Press Labels

A leading Italian crocodile skin bag designer approached us to design and produce crocodile skin labels with the Italian designer’s branding imprinted onto the crocodile skin. Their main requirement is that the logo is printed in silver onto the skin.

My initial suggestion is to either silkscreen or foil press the labels as these processes are best used for printing … more