To find the weight of paper

A simple formula that will accurately calculate the weight of any type of paper.

Just prepare 10 pieces of 10 x 10 cm squares of the mentioned paper.

Then place all 10 pieces of paper on a weighing scale.

The weight showing on the scale is the actual weight of the paper.

So if the weighing machine is showing 300gm, … more

Printing Gold Colour

Recently I experienced the agony of trying to get the colour gold printed on a series of products that I designed and this is what I discovered.

On our first try using digital print, the resulting colour was a greenish brown colour. Nowhere close to Gold

On our second try using offset print, the resulting colour was still a greenish … more

Design Chemical Printing Services

Design Chemical supplies expert Printing Services for customers big and small.

Business Cards, Brochures, Catalogs, Posters and Specialty Printing.

Just about anything.  From paper to chopsticks, to crocodile leather.

Design, layout and production including Spot UV and Silver foil as well as others.

Short run printing.  Responsive and reliable professional service.

More information on standard and specialty printing … more

Printing with Art Paper or Woodfree Paper

When printing is important to know which paper type to use and when.

There are two main types of paper for printing – each one has it’s own specific use.

Printing With Art Paper

Art paper has a hard, smooth surface on one or both sides, which created by a coat of fine clay compound. Art paper is commonly used … more

After The Wave Posters

This is the last item on the current After The Wave publication project list. The objective of the poster is to create awareness for After The Wave and the good work that they are doing.

The first thing I did was to come up with a concept and the art direction. Since ATW is about the students and for the … more

After The Wave Brochure

The next items on the ATW project list is the brochure and poster. The objective of these two items is to create awareness for the charity organisation and also canvass for sponsors for the students, the education and also medical funds.

Since ATW is about the students, I feel that it is essential that they are a predominating feature in … more

After The Wave Business Cards

This is the first of a series of print design and production work that we did for After The Wave (ATW), a charity organisation that supports the continuing the education of students affected by the 2004 Tsunami. This is one of my favourite projects and I enjoyed working on each one of them.

For the design of the business cards, … more

After The Wave Charity Organisation

After The Wave is a Thailand based non-profit charity established after the 2004 Tsunami by educational professionals and associates at the International School Bangkok (ISB). It is run by a network of educators, volunteers, ISB alumni and community leaders in Bangkok and at the R35 School.

Typically, ATW supports children who:
- Lost one or both parents in the tsunami. … more