Search Engine Optimization

General Outline for Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) there is no such thing as a canned solution where a single approach works for everyone.

Question: What does it cost, and what results should I expect?

Answer:   Whatever the market will bear, and how long is a piece of string?

For SEO/SEM there is no single … more

Article Spinning for Backlinks

Web…. everything is connected by sticky strings of information… or

“There is no such thing as bad publicity when you’re reading about yourself, unless its your obituary.”

One of our clients was concerned that their name and article was being associated with a ‘cheap’ discount domain name because their article was posted on a travel site offering cheap airline tickets, … more

SEO Alchemy – Writing for the Web

We’re hopeful the following suggestions will save time, improve performance and make life generally better/easier for all of us.

It is a common mistake to think something like “we’ll design the site, and write the content, and then send it off for SEO”.  That means rewriting and re-designing each page…after rewriting and redesigning them from the old site to the … more

SEO – Simple Notes about Linking with other Sites

Make no mistake – Google rates your quality score / SERP (search engine results page/position) using the quantity and quality of incoming links (backlinks) to you site.  This is a big subject, critical to your SEO success, and not an easy thing to achieve.

There are a number of websites and services to help evaluate the quality of your potential … more

Design Chemical Alchemy – SEO Checklist – Page Title Tag

Very important The title tag must be short (6 or 7 words) and the keyword must be near the beginning.  There is some debate about how long to make the title because search engines read more than what is displayed.  I suggest not being too cute and just make sure it is relevant and meaningful, rather that just stuffing it … more

Design Chemical Alchemy – SEO Checklist – Press Releases

Press Releases and Article Marketing is hard work, but writing quality articles on your topics and submitting them to PR submission services and article directories will give you relevant backlinks from quality websites, as well as direct incoming traffic.

We can either produce these, or at least advise on how to get the best results from them. … more

Design Chemical Alchemy – SEO Checklist – Directory Submissions

Directory Submissions are not what they used to be but still matter, especially for new sites hungry for traffic and backlinks.

Website directories give your site a quick description and a link to a landing page. This is a proven way to build a many backlinks in a short period of time. They won’t perform miracles, but directories can help … more

Design Chemical Search Engine Marketing

Got Adwords?

While you’re waiting for SEO to take affect, you might want to consider implementing Search Engine Marketing SEM to either jumpstart your business or as a permanent part of your business development portfolio.

We can help design, develop and manage you Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo or Social Networking Advertising (Facebook) campaigns. … more

Design Chemical Alchemy – SEO Checklist – Bad Links

Links police.  Bad links, are well, bad.

When clients have paid to have someone generate links we’re usually faced with the need for a complete do over in order to start generating quality incoming links.  We definitely will eliminate questionable outgoing links.  The next several check- list items involve evaluating the link situation and making recommendations on how to proceed. … more

Design Chemical Alchemy – Einstein Knew About It


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