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Adding a Wordpress Menu To a Non-Wordpress Page

If you are developing a site that uses Wordpress as a CMS for part of the website and custom php pages for other sections it can be useful to utilise the functions built into Wordpress on non-Wordpress pages.

One useful example is to use the Wordpress menu system to manage the site’s menus. With its ability to add custom links, … more

New jQuery Plugin – Vertical Mega Menu Plugin

To compliment the previous plugin for creating horizontal mega menus we have now launched the jQuery vertical mega menu plugin. This now allows you to have all of the benefits of drop down mega menus using menus in the page side columns with the mega menu flying out to the side.

Vertical mega menus offer better useability over standard flyout … more

New jQuery Plugin Released – jQuery Accordion Menu

We have now launched the jQuery accordion menu plugin used to create the Wordpress accordion menu widget plugin.

The jquery plugin has several features, which make it very easy to create fully functional vertical accordion menus from standard HTML nested lists. Options built into the plugin include:

  • Option to use either hover or click to activate menu
  • Menu state can
  • more

jQuery Plugin – Drill Down Menu

Following the release of our new Wordpress plugin – jQuery Drill Down iPod Menu Widget we have now also set up the jQuery plugin code that was used to create the Wordpress widget.

Drill down menus are perfect for arranging and managing complex nested menus in compact and fixed sized areas and provide excellent useability where standard drop down menus … more

Web Design – Core Files

Since most websites start with the same set of core file requirements and most layouts have at least the same starting HTML and CSS structure you can speed up your initial web design by having a core set of files ready to use.

For our core files we usually have the main directory structure set up:

  • CSS folder
  • Images Folders
  • more

Create a Reverse-Order Ordered List Using jQuery

Earlier today I came across a small website coding “problem”, which required me to create a “top-ten” list of items in reverse order for a client.

Usually ordered lists are very simple to in XHTML create using the following code:

  <li>List item 1</li>
  <li>List item 2</li>
  <li>List item 3</li>
  <li>List item 4</li>
  <li>List item 5</li>

Which will produce … more

Hiding Your Email Addresses From Spam Harvesters – Part II

Last week, in part I, we looked at hiding your email addresses from spam harvesters using simple techniques such as rewriting your email address for humans only and replacing your email with an inline image.

Today we have 2 more techniques, which utilise the jQuery javascript library. If you are not sure how to include the library code into your … more

Hiding Your Email Addresses From Spam Harvesters – Part I

One of the biggest problems with putting your personal and/or business contact details onto your website is being inundated with spam just a few weeks after launching your site. This is due to automated programs trawling the internet and searching the source code of unsuspecting website owners for email addresses.

There are many methods that you can use to try … more

Benefits of Website HTML & CSS Validation

Many people ask the question … why validate?

Although most modern browsers will still display code with errors, validation ensures that your web pages meet current HTML and CSS standards. From a web designers point of view validation is a quick and easy way to check for errors that may be causing issues with the way your website renders on … more

Website HTML and CSS Validation

I was amazed to recently read on one local forum someone advising that a web design company with a website that has less than 100 errors could be considered as “decent” … crazy … there is absolutely no reason at all for any errors or warnings in website code.

I am always shocked by how few locally designed websites in … more

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