Wordpress Tips

Adding a Wordpress Menu To a Non-Wordpress Page

If you are developing a site that uses Wordpress as a CMS for part of the website and custom php pages for other sections it can be useful to utilise the functions built into Wordpress on non-Wordpress pages.

One useful example is to use the Wordpress menu system to manage the site’s menus. With its ability to add custom links, … more

Wordpress Tutorial – Current & Parent Menu Items In Custom Menus

With the custom Wordpress menus available with Wordpress 3.0 there are inherent systems that allow us to identify which is the current menu item and it’s parent links. Unfortunately these aren’t very obvious and going through the source code to pick them out can be a nightmare.

Today we are going to highlight a few of these classes and demonstrate … more

Wordpress Tutorial – Adding A Widget Area To Your Theme Files

Following up to the 2 recent Wordpress menu plugins we launched we thought we should do a quick tutorial on how to add a widget area to your Wordpress theme.

Both of the plugins, the jQuery Mega Menu and the jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu use widget areas as a quick and easy way to add custom menus to your Wordpress … more

How To Add Blog Posts To A Wordpress Page

By default pages in Wordpress websites will not display blog posts. However, there is a quick an easy way to edit the code of your theme page to handle this.

1. Wordpress Theme Page Code

First create a new page for your theme. Then add the following code to the web page in the area where you normally display the … more