Create Your Own Google API Key

Creating your own google API key for the Social Media Tabs google plus plugin is fairly quick and easy:

  • Under service list, click “off” button next to “Google+ API” to turn it on.
  • Accept both agreements.
  • From the left menu, Go to “API Access”
  • Copy your API key and paste into the social media tabs settings page


  • thanks, i will try that

  • Hello,

    i follow all the steps to set up the Widget but the Google+ tab is not showing any info.

    Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are working fine but i do not manage with Google+.

    I’m working with Chamaelon Theme from Elegant Themes.

    can you please advise?



    • Hi,

      You need to insert the API key in the plugin settings page and the user ID into the widget control panel settings

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