Creating Your Twitter Widget ID

The Social Media Tabs plugin uses embedded timeline Twitter widgets for the Twitter tab. The following steps show how you can create your own widget ID for use in the plugin:

Step 1

Login to your Twitter account and browse to the following URL:

Twitter Widgets

Click the “Create New” button

Step 2

Twitter Widgets

Select your widget type – user timeline, favourites, list or search and set up the widget via the fields in the left column. A live preview of your widget will appear on the right.

In the “domains” field make sure you enter the correct domain name for your website where you are using the social media tabs plugin.

Once complete click “Create Widget.

Step 3

Twitter Widgets

The widget code will appear below the live preview – copy the Twitter “href” from the code along with the widget ID (see highlighted sections in above screenshot) – enter these values into the fields in the plugin’s widget control panel.

Your Twitter widget is now ready to use. You can modify your widget settings at any time via Twitter – the widget will automatically update on your website.

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