The contact form briefly appears in the widget area when the page loads

Sometimes, when the page first loads, you may see the contact form appearing briefly in the widget area before disappearing when the sticky or floating tab is created. This occurs because the jQuery that creates the sliding or floating tab can only initialise after the form is available on the page. Sometimes this is more obvious in certain browsers/pages.

You can overcome this using CSS by adding the following rules to your theme’s style sheet:

.slick-form {display: none;}
.dc-contact-content .slick-form {display: block;}

The above rules arent automatically added to the forms plugin style sheet as this will also prevent the form from appearing should the user not have javascript enabled.

Another alternative, if you want to make sure that the form is still available for non-javascript users is to place the contact form inside a widget that is “below the fold” when the page loads.


  • Opera and Safari browsers DO NOT LOAD PAGES where SCF is in the widgets area on my site unless this CSS is in place! I had this working fine on one website with Arjuna-X theme but on another it would cause the page to stop loading after the SCF form was displayed. What I found out was that I had already implemented the CSS on the first site but not on the second. Doing so solved the problem.

  • Thanx for the tip… it worked.

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