The facebook tab shows an error

If you facebook tab shows the following error message your Facebook ID is incorrect:

Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.

Check that you are using a facebook page ID and not your facebook profile ID – the like box is specifically for facebook pages.

To get the page ID, browse to your facebook page and check the URL in the browser address bar. The ID is the last number in the URL:


  • Hi Lee,

    Apologies as posted a ticket last night on the forum however cant locate it, however I now have updates. Both, Facebook and Facebook like are coming up with errors (Facebook page= “feeds error”, Facebook Like = “Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.” )

    For “Facebook page” I have entered ID using technique with ID= 100003577227365
    For “Facebook like” I Have entered page ID having found it using the facebook debug tool 10150479146771689 ; debug displays no errors having embedded the expected meta within wordpress template header.

    I’m using 4 social tabs in total (twitter/youtube/facebook &facebook like) Twitter & youtube work perfectly, facebook page throws up an error as above (I have adjusted and FB privacy setting to be open) however the facebook follow button does routes to correct facebook page, unfortunately facebook like doesn’t connect at all.

    I do get errors in firebug, code below taken when any lciekd tab becomes active

    error: ReferenceError: m_injectionNode is not defined change_sink.js:215

    Any guidance?


    • Hi,

      The facebook ID you are trying to use is for a profile. The like box and facebook feed only works with facebook pages.

      • Resolved. I had to convert profile into a business/fan page.

  • Hi Lee,
    I had the plug in working and when I updated it I lost everything. Now, when I try to put my Facebook id or Twitter info in, it won’t take it. Please help.
    Thank you,

  • I do have a Facebook Page ID but still get the same “Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.” the page is

  • I love this plug-in!! The one glitch I’ve found is that the client I’m creating a site for has a personal Facebook profile page, and not a business page. Is there any way to have that kind of page work with this plug-in, or do I need to have him create a business page?


    • Hi,

      The facebook like box is only for facebook pages. Unfortunately they arent for individual profiles

      • Thanks — and no way to make this work with the new subscriptions feature?

        • As far as Im aware the new subscription button is only for your facebook profiles, not for use in other websites. I may be wrong however!

          In addition the button is only valid for profiles, not pages – the facebook like box used in this widget shows facebook pages

  • I had to click on ‘edit page’ to get the ID number to come up, but I FINALLY figured it out (thanks to you!)!!! Now, to just figure out how to configure my RSS feed…

    • Hi to configure the RSS feed you just need to enter the feed URL in the text field in the widget control panel

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