What is the difference between the facebook like buttons

There are 2 basic types of facebook like button:

Social Media Share Buttons

1. The like button that appears on each blog post or website page using plugins such as the WordPress Social Share Buttons Plugin.

Facebook Like Box

2. The like button that appears in the facebook likebox like you see on the WordPress Social Network Tabs Plugin.

When you like a blog post or article using a social share button this is basically just a way for you to let the authors know that you found that particular piece of content useful or interesting. These likes are based on the specific page URL and each page will have its own independent button.

On the other hand, when you like a facebook page such as via a facebook likebox you are connecting to that page. The page will appear in your facebook profile and your profile will also appear in the facebook page as someone who likes the page. In addition the Page will also be able to post content that you may find useful into your news feeds.


  • Hi, All of my Twitter feeds on my sites have stopped working. The instructions posted on how to set up a Twitter widget seem to be a bit incomplete. The screenshot you show has a “Domain” field which is not visible in my .

    Also, I’m under as to where to put the URL you highlighted. I tried using it in the ID: field and inserted the widget ID in the Follow ID: field and vice ver and neither worked. I also tried taking the code generated by Twitter and inserting into the sites footer. This pulled the widget in, but not in the tab.

    Any assistance you can give me would be great. I love this plugin, but this new process is a bit confusing.

    • Download the latest version of the plugin from codecanyon and set up your twitter api credentials – instructions can be found in the latest version of the documentation in the download files

  • Can you get the WordPress Social Media Tabs Plugin page facebook like button on the Slick Social Share Button Plugin??

    • Hi,

      They arent actually the same thing. The social share buttons are for users to share individual page content within their own social networks. The facebook like box is not related to the actual website content and is for users to join your facebook page network

      See FAQ for more info – What is the difference between the facebook like buttons

      • Lee, thanks for your fast response. I understand that they are two separate buttons… I am using the Slick social share buttons on my website — they work great, but I am wondering if, instead of the like button that just shares the current page, can you change it to where the like button that likes your facebook page is part of the social share buttons? I hope that made sense — Thanks –

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