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jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu

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jQuery Mega Menu

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jQuery Vertical Mega Menu

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Slick Contact Forms

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Slick Social Share Buttons

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jQuery Drill Down Menu

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jQuery Slick Menu

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Floating Menu

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Floating Tweets

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  • Hi! I’ve noticed that the widget shows clearly on higher resolutions (i.e. 1280×800). I experimented with a laptop with a higher resolution and a netbook with 1024 x 680. What happens is that, in a lower resolution setting, the widget goes over the text.

    My question is this, is there a way to make the widget not go over the text like make the page smaller so that there is space for the widget? Can you tell me how to do this? Please check the 2 of the websites that I admin. and

    I will be waiting for your reply. Thanks!

    • yes set position from center – see plugin project page for more information

  • I am trying to fix a mega menu problem on a Wordpress site that is using your jQuery Mega Menu plug-in (and the UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin).

    In the HTML this is stated:

    …but in the Wordpress Admin Plug-in page your version is listed as ‘Version 1.3.8′ and it does not report an update is available.

    If I edit your plug-in the comment at the top says 1.3.8 but further down in the code it says 1.3.4.

    Am I running the latest version of your plug-in, i.e. should the HTML say jquery.dcmegamenu.1.3.8, or is the WP Admin page correct?

    • 1.3.8 is the wordpress plugin version and 1.3.4 is the jquery mega menu plugin file version. The 2 arent directly related.

      • I have made some progress with the problem by adding jQuery to my theme files using wp_enqueue_script, in that I cannot reproduce the problem in Firefox anymore but it still happens in IE and Chrome.

        Go to

        and use the ‘Solutions / Services…’ menu – all appears OK. Until that is you click on Solutions and then quickly move your mouse to Services: the sub-menu is skewed to the left until the page fully loads, whereupon the sub-menu disappears even if you hover over ‘Services’. Once the page is loaded, the menu operates correctly i.e. displayed directly under and remains visible on hover. This also happens by clicking on Services and moving the mouse to Solutions. (If you can’t make this happen I can send you a screen shot).

        Note that it happens every time you revisit the page: e.g. from the home page go to Resources then back to the home page and the menus skew left until the page has loaded again.

        It seems to me that this is something to do with the order in which ‘code’ is loaded but I cannot figure it out: there are some JavaScript calls related to the mega menu around lines 773-787 of the home page – why are they down there and not the top of the page? Are the sub-menus skewing left until these are rendered?

        Any ideas appreciated!

  • Hi, it’s me again.

    I move my site online but I don’t know why installed & activated this plugin I got this message: “You have been blocked on the firewall for this server. This server’s hostname is”

    and I can not access my site again. I don’t know why but I am sure I got this message after installed and activated this plugin. This is one called bug or something I don’t know.

    Your advice please….

    Thank you.

    • Which plugin is this for? There are no bugs that im aware of that would cause this. I suggest maybe contacting your hosting company and find out why they have blocked the site

      • Hi, thanks for reply.

        WordPress Vertical Accordion Menu plugin. Yes, the This issue was caused by mod_security rule and seems to relate with “Save Menu State (uses cookies)” setting when it is activated.

        I’ve contacted the hosting company and they have changed mod_security rule for my account and the plugin runing good now.


  • Hi, I love your plugin but I am having a problem with the background flashing white when I click to navigate to a new page/post. Do you know what is causing this issue? Thank you, Pat

    • Hi,

      The plugin itself shouldnt cause this problem. Maybe check in your style sheet to see if anything may be causing this

  • plugin activated.menus are also shown .but how can I show submenus ?
    now submenus are showing as a parent menu…in all plugins of you…

    please give me a solution

    • the plugin doesnt generate the menu. This is handled by the wordpress menu system. You therefore need to create the sub-menus in menu admin

  • Menu works great on the home page but does not show up on the second tiers.
    I have deleted ALL plugins not in use and checked theme files for overflow:hidden, removed other custom javascripts to see if that made a difference and it did not. Do you have any other suggestions?

    • Hi,

      Do you have a link I can take a look at?