Wordpress Plugins Frequently Asked Questions - Floating Menu

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  • just found it, and it is exactly what I was looking for, however would you be so kind to point me in the right direction for transforming it to a floating “movable” menu (ie using the mouse to control it’s position on the screen) ?

    • Hi,

      No idea sorry

  • Hi there.
    Thank you for a fab plugin!
    Just wondered, when I select no theme for my menus, a bullet point appears. I wonder how I remove those.
    Thank you

    • Hi,

      In your custom CSS you will need to add list-style:none; to the menu

      • Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I am using Pagelines and added that in but it didn’t seem to work, is there anything else I need to add with

        Thank you

        • Hi,

          No that should be it for removing standard bullet points

  • Is there a way to have this button appear on some pages but not others? Possibly by adding custom fields?

    Thanks for your help!


    • Hi,

      You would need to create dynamic widget areas that you can turn on/off for individual pages/posts and then add the menu to this widget area

  • i added the vertical menu and it works great. the only thing is when i run Error Console in Safari, I get

    TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating '')

    it’s not really a problem since it works great in firefox, ie, chrome, safari, and i dont get any popup errors, but i’d still like to get rid of that error when i run the error console.

    any ideas?

  • Is this menu seo friendly? I know java drop down menus are not. Can you help?

    • hi,

      Yes 100%. Since its created using jQuery there is no inline javascript, which may interfere with SEO and the menu is created from a standard HTML list of links

  • This is an awesome menu. great tutorials too. I appreciate.

    How possible would it be to to combine the vertical mega menu with the floating menu?

    If it is possible, should i start with the floating menu, then combine it with the vertical mega menu, or vice versa?

    Or is this something that would have to be done by scratch?

    thanks again.

    • Hi,

      It isnt possible to combine the 2 directly due to how the floating menu works. The best way would probably be to take a mega menu and add additional jQuery code to make it float … although the mega menu plugin would need some revisions made to how it calculates the position of the sub-menus as it currently does this based on its location in the browser window

  • Hi Lee
    I think this is a great plugin. Just wondered if it was possible to justify it’s position from the center of the page instead of the left or right edge of the browser window?
    That way the position would remain constant no matter the size of the browser window. The idea is to align it with a sidebar so as when you scroll up and down the page, the menu appears to float up and down in the side bar.
    Cheers Mike

    • Hi,

      I have just added the option to version 1.4 – there is now a checkbox which allows you to set alignment based on center instead of the side of the browser window

  • hi, this is great, but I can only get one floater at a time! Any thoughts as to what I need to do to get 2 or more going like you do on your site!?

    Many thanks… Matthew

    • Hi,

      What is stopping you from adding more than one – do you get any error messages or problems with the site?

  • Hello.. I would like to use this to display images or content other than menus.. can you help explain how I might do this? Thanks for your work and potential help.

    • Hi,

      This particular plugin only handles menus unfortunately. You can however apply the jQuery floater plugin manually if you wish to use it for other content. Instructions can be found at –

      • hello,
        I apply jQuery floater plugin manually to display some texts and checkbox without menu. The floater plugin works great. But the “checked” attribute of the html checkbox is always the same as default load. When checkbox attribute checked default, the javascript always detect its checked, even if I cancel the checked. Can you give me some suggestions? Thank you !!

        • If you are using javascript to check the box then you need to run this after the floating menu has initialised

  • Hi, Lee!
    Thanks for the useful plugin! Could you help me with it additional setup?
    If you add all of my categories into a single widget, then its disclosure would be too lengthy menu.
    How do I get when opening menus, sub-categories have been hidden and open when you click on the parent category?
    Now I have to use for each category a separate widget and it displays the same categories:
    Sorry for my English! :)

  • Thanks for your quick reply.
    Where in the CSS can I add this?

    • You can add it anywhere in your theme’s style sheet

      • I add this in the theme’s style sheet. Inside was improved but out line still not working.

  • Thanks for your great work.
    Outline or layout of the menu looks doesn’t form vertically with Chrome and IE9 using Wp3.2.1

    • Hi,

      Your theme’s styling is affecting the menu layout. try adding the following CSS rule to your theme’s style sheet:

      .dc-floater-content .menu {
      float: none!important;
      height: auto!important;