Wordpress Plugins Frequently Asked Questions - Floating Tweets

Adding jQuery to your theme files using wp_enqueue_script

If jQuery is hardcoded into your theme files this may cause plugins that rely on jQuery to break as reloading the jQuery library a second time overwrites previously loaded jQuery plugin files.

To avoid this you can add jQuery via your functions.php file using a built-in WordPress function. This will coordinate between all of the files that require the library … more

Widget does not appear on page when using twentyeleven theme

The twentyeleven theme has a setting, which allows you to turn off the sidebar for pages/posts.

If your widget is only appearing on the home page go to:

Admin-Appearance-Theme Options

Check the setting for “Default Layout” – make sure that the “One-column, no sidebar” option is NOT selected. … more

The twitter feeds shows in the widget area and not in a floating tab

The problem is caused by the jQuery plugin that creates the floating tab not be loaded.

There are 2 main reasons for this:

The footer.php file is missing the wp_footer() function.

Check your theme’s footer.php file and make sure it contains the following code:

The jQuery library is being loaded again

If your theme files or another plugin are not … more

Custom skin file gets overwritten every time the plugin updates

Whenever WordPress updates any plugin file ALL files in the plugin directory are first deleted and the updated files reinstalled.

This means that any modifications you may have done to the plugin files or if you have created your own custom skin in the plugin’s skin folder, will all be deleted.

Any changes you make to the plugins CSS should … more

I have many visitors who have javascript disabled in their browsers – how will this affect the plugin?

The WordPress Floating Tweets plugin does use jQuery to create the floating twitter tab so if your user does not have javascript enabled the floating animation will not be available.

We have designed the plugin with accessibility in mind though and in the event that javascript cannot be used the twitter feed will display as a normal HTML list in … more

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