Wordpress Plugins Frequently Asked Questions - jQuery Mega Menu

Adding jQuery to your theme files using wp_enqueue_script

If jQuery is hardcoded into your theme files this may cause plugins that rely on jQuery to break as reloading the jQuery library a second time overwrites previously loaded jQuery plugin files.

To avoid this you can add jQuery via your functions.php file using a built-in WordPress function. This will coordinate between all of the files that require the library … more

Widget does not appear on page when using twentyeleven theme

The twentyeleven theme has a setting, which allows you to turn off the sidebar for pages/posts.

If your widget is only appearing on the home page go to:

Admin-Appearance-Theme Options

Check the setting for “Default Layout” – make sure that the “One-column, no sidebar” option is NOT selected. … more

How can I create my own custom CSS style sheet for the menu?

See WordPress Tutorial – Create Your own Custom Mega Menu Styles for more information and sample custom CSS. … more

The menu appears on the page but does not work

There are several reasons why the menu may fail to load properly:

1. The necessary code is missing from the page footer. The plugin adds the required jQuery code to your template footer. Make sure that your template files contain the wp_footer() function – this is usually located just before the closing body tag in your theme’s footer file.

2. … more

The mega menu works but the drop down menus cant be seen

Sometimes your theme files may have the CSS property “overflow” set to “hidden” on some page elements such as the header.

Check your page source code to see all of the tags that wrap your mega menu and check in the theme’s style sheet for any that may have the CSS rule – overflow: hidden. … more

Custom skin file gets overwritten every time the plugin updates

Whenever WordPress updates any plugin file ALL files in the plugin directory are first deleted and the updated files reinstalled.

This means that any modifications you may have done to the plugin files or if you have created your own custom skin in the plugin’s skin folder, will all be deleted.

Any changes you make to the plugins CSS should … more

I get the error message – dcMegaMenu is not a function

This error can occur when the jQuery plugin file that creates the vertical mega menu has been overwritten because the jQuery library has been loaded a second time either by the theme files or another WordPress plugin.

Check your source code and your theme header.php file for any instance of the jQuery library being loaded.

jQuery should always be loaded … more

How should I structure my custom menu to get the best results?

The widget works by taking the standard menu structure and creating the sub-menus from the nested links. To get the full effect you need to have 3 levels within the custom menu:

  1. First level is used for the main menu items
  2. The second level is used to create the sub-menu headings
  3. The 3rd level links are then grouped together under
  4. more


  • I am trying to use your plugin with Headway 3.1.1 and the submenu’s do not show.
    I prefer yours but was also trying uber menu , the problem seems to be the same.
    You can see the issue by going to the site
    If you can help me resolve this issue mega menu goes up for sure!!


    • Hi,

      You need to remove the overflow: hidden; from the CSS rule for class “block” in your theme’s style sheet

  • Can you tell me how to make the sub menus be appear with images as shown in screenshots and demos? I could not able to make it

    • See our tutorial on how to customise the mega menu

  • So let me answer my own question:

    It has nothing to do with the plugin.
    Adding a high enough z-index to my menu brought it on top:

    #mainMenu ul {
    ……my other css rules …..

    The value of 50 is arbitrary in the sense that it is only important that it is high enough so that the menu appears above all other elements that have ‘auto’ z-indexes assigned.

    Hope this will be of use to others.

  • Lee

    I am using your great plug-in on a clients site. I am trying use the description field in the menus to add thumbs and text for the sub menus. I understand the theme needs to support the descriptions but if it doesn’t it can be added in the functions.php. However I cannot find anything here or in the WordPress codex for showing the description field.
    Any suggestions or tips on how you did it.


    • Hi,

      The sample customised menus in our tutorials uses CSS background images. These arent actually generated in the menu code.

      You would probably need to create a custom walker function to generate the modified menu output. Im not sure though if that would then be available to use with the mega menu widget so it would have to be added manually.

      I would suggest maybe trying the CSS background image route. Its more manual work to get it set up but it doesnt require any custom functions. See tutorial –

  • how do i get the images to display like in your menu?

  • Hey, does that plugin work with the Colorway Theme? I putted the JQuery Mega Menu into the Primary Widget Area, selected the Menu, but only the normal Colorway Theme appears.

    • hi,

      unfortunately I dont have details for individual themes. In theory the menu works with any theme unless there is some particular issues that would prevent it from working

  • Hello,

    thank you for this great plugin.
    But I miss a very important feature ;)

    Is it possible to integrate a tag to display a menu where I want to display it, for example under/over the header by editing the templates?

    Would be great if you could integrate this possibility ;)

    I use an artisteer generated theme, so its really tricky to register a sidebar above or under the header

    • Hi,

      This is certainly something we can add to a future update

      • sounds great ;)
        hope for a soon update. I love your menu, but a widget above the header looks a little strange ;)

        • Hi,

          Positioning of the widget shouldnt cause any problems though as there is no restrictions on where they can go. You can edit the widget settings in the functions.php file to remove any CSS classes normally used for the sidebar widgets

  • Hey,

    My nav menu is aligned right, and I want the last dropdown to appear aligned right, so that it’s visible in the browser window.
    how can I do that?
    at the moment, when the browser window is narrower than full size, the last dropdown is cutoff to the right

  • Thanks for the great menu widget!
    Is there any way to make the menu drop to the right instead of down? I’m using it in a sidebar.

    Thank you.