Wordpress Plugins Frequently Asked Questions - jQuery Slick Menu

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  • Awesome plugin! Is there any way to configure it to work in relation to a specific div instead of the browser screen?

    • Hi,

      The current plugin doesnt have that option unfortunately. You would need to modify the jquery plugin to change where the menu is inserted

  • Hi,

    I tried both the floating menu and slick menu unsuccessfully. Using Firebug, I see the error:
    Error: jQuery(”#dc_jqslickmenu_widget-2-item”).dcSlick is not a function

    I’m guessing this is a conflict or the js is not loaded. Can you please take a look and advise? We’d like to use it on our site to link to pages we’ve created for a festival in March.

    Thank you, jim

  • Hi,

    slick menu very useful, great work.
    I try to add a google map inside the div slik but no map appears. If I put the div map in an other part of my page it’s ok. So is there a restriction or a conflict with google maps (v3).
    Thanks for all

    • Hi,

      Update to the latest version, which includes the ability to add callback functions. The map needs to be initialised after the slick menu in order to work. Use the onLoad callback function in the options to add the google map

  • Oh, figured it out myself. I just had to change the CSS for the class sub-menu.

  • Any idea how I could add a submenu using this otherwise awesome plugin? Right now submenus just appear below their parent menu with no indication that they are related.