Wordpress Plugins Frequently Asked Questions - jQuery Vertical Mega Menu

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  • Hi!

    Thanks for the great plugin, I would like to highlight the active/current page/list item, can you explain it to me please?



    • Hi,

      There should be several blog posts, faqs and also comments which cover this. Try checking through those for more info

  • I’m using the jquery vertical mega menu, but it doesn’t fly out, instead it lists the sub menu items underneath the selected item. I’m using the Thesis theme. Any ideas?

    • Hi,

      It sounds like the theme’s style sheet is interfering with the positioning of sub-menus. Check the theme’s style sheet for any CSS rules for .menu ul. If these arent required anywhere else in the theme you can remove them from the style sheet

  • I found the problem…I needed another CSS class for the main level like so…this solved my problem.

    #primary li ul li {
    	height: 33px;

    Great plugin, thanks!

  • Hi,

    I was using the simple vertical menu on a website and was very satisfied.

    I am now asked to change it to the vertical megamenu and I have a problem.

    The precedent plugin had a class “active” on the selected page, but it is not the case with the vertical megamenu. It’s not convenient for the user if you don’t have a breadcrumb, he may be lost…

    Is there any option in that plugin to do that or will I have to change the code by myself ?


    • Is this the Wordpress version or just the jQuery plugin? If Wordpress you can use the built-in css class system for the menus

      It’s not actually the function of the menu plugin to track the breadcrumbs for the page, especially since the plugin doesnt actually generate the HTML code. this is usually better handled in its own function or server-side when the menu items are generated as this is more suited to tracking information between pages

      • Thank you for your quick answer Mr Lee, yes I use the wordpress plugin and added css styles.

        Il will try to handle the active option from the server side.

        • Hi,

          In that case you can use the class “current-menu-item”, which WordPress gives to the li tag for the current page.

          The following link has more information about the Wordpress classes – WordPress Tutorial – Current & Parent Menu Items In Custom Menus

          • OK !!!

            I’m sorry to have disturbed you for this ! I was blind this morning !

            Thank you so much !

  • Is it possible to add a slice function to limit the number of lines shown in the unordered list?

    • Hi,

      You can edit the jquery plugin to add this. Alternatively you could set a fixed height for the sub-menu and then set the overflow to hidden

  • Is there any way to get rid of the short delay between rolling over an item and the mega menu appearing? I notice this regardless of the animation effect and speed, even with no animation.

    • Hi,

      You can try editing the settings in the jquery plugin. Wont have a huge effect but will speed up the reaction time for the hover – jquery.dcverticalmegamenu.1.3.js. Line 134:

      interval: 100

      Change interval to “0″.

  • HELP!

    I’m so confused – love the look of the vertiucal mega menu – but I’m getting confused by the wp-footer() comments.

    My theme is not letting the menu function properly.

    Tips for dummies?


    • Hi,

      Check the FAQ and also the comments as most problems have been seen before. the wp_footer() only applies if the jquery code is not being added to the bottom of the page – you can check this by looking at the page source code. If wp_footer() is there you should see something like the following at the bottom:

      <script type="text/javascript">
          jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
              jQuery('#dc_jqverticalmegamenu_widget-3-item .menu').dcVerticalMegaMenu({
                  rowItems: 3,
                 speed: 'slow',
                 direction: 'right',
                 effect: 'slide'
  • I use Cover WP theme and this theme has support to menus. I have downloaded and installed the JQuery MegaMenu. I`d like to use the plugin in the place of my menu and not in a theme widget. How can I do that ?

    Thanks for the help


  • I’d like to make the parent level links unclickable. How do I do that with this widget? Thanks!

    • Hi,

      Use “#” for the parent menu link

  • Hello !

    I love the Vertical Mega Menu and I would like to replace mine (on by your own but….It doesn’t work ! The plugin can be seen on the right sidebar but no sub-Menus appears !

    I check for wp_footer() function and “overflow” CSS property but all is right…

    I need some help, please !

    Thx for all

    • Hi,

      Which pages is it installed on?

      • Firstly, sorry but I post on the wrong section because I use Mega Drop Down Menu, this is not vertical one !

        Otherwise, I put Mega Menu on the right sidebar (at the end) of my Home page, from Wordpress widgets section.

      • Could someone help me ?

        • Hi,

          Yes see earlier comment – which pages is the menu installed on where you are having the problem? Can you please send a link

  • Hi

    I have a menu item that has a large string, because of this a white bar has appeared under it, I assume I need to edit the box size to accommodate larger text.

    Do you know where in what file or an easier way of editing this?

    thanks for any help


    • Hi,

      You can either increase the width or edit the background image for the menu item. The white is showing because the background image sprite has a limited height. The menu item itself should automatically expand to accomodate. Depending on which skin you are using just edit the image

  • Looking for help formatting jQuery Vertical Mega Menu. Using it with Thematic and a child theme. Which CSS files (or other files) should I be looking at?


    • Hi,

      If you follow the tutorial Create Your own Custom Vertical Mega Menu, this helps give detailed information about the actual CSS structure.

      Make sure that any custom styles are added to a theme style sheet and not saved into the plugin folder as it will get deleted whenever the plugin is updated

  • No problem. Hope it helps