Slick Social Share Buttons

Checking your facebook like button


If you are having problems with the facebook like button Facebook provide an online debugging tool, which will give you detailed information about the page and any errors that may be affecting the like button:

For some strange reason (known only to facebook), many problems with facebook buttons … more

The facebook like button is grey

If your facebook like button is grey and you are unable to click it this means that you have already “liked” this page using your current logged in profile.

If you hover over the tick mark on the grey like button this will change to a cross icon – click this icon to “unlike” the page. … more

What is the difference between the facebook like buttons

There are 2 basic types of facebook like button:

Social Media Share Buttons

1. The like button that appears on each blog post or website page using plugins such as the WordPress Social Share Buttons Plugin.

Facebook Like Box

2. The like button that appears in the facebook likebox like you see on the WordPress Social Network Tabs Plugin.

When you like a blog post or article … more

The Twitter button always displays horizontal

If you are having problems with the tweet button not being able to display the vertical button + count this may be due to the WP External Links plugin, which so far causes problems by interfering with the twitter code.

Changing the WP External Links settings as shown below should hopefully fix the problem:

If you do not have this … more

Images for the facebook like, google buzz & pin it share buttons

The facebook like, google buzz and pin it social media share buttons all have the ability to attach an image as part of the information sent when the share button is clicked.

To add an image to the button the plugin uses the WordPress built-in thumbnail feature. Thumbnails allow you to select an image that is representative of the post/page … more

Setting up the share buttons to be the same as

We have had many people ask how we have set up the Slick Social Share Buttons used on this website. Most of the settings can be managed from the plugin options page – the only item that needs any kind of customisation is the CSS to hide the share tab.

Share Button Settings

The screen shot below shows the settings … more

Adding jQuery to your theme files using wp_enqueue_script

If jQuery is hardcoded into your theme files this may cause plugins that rely on jQuery to break as reloading the jQuery library a second time overwrites previously loaded jQuery plugin files.

To avoid this you can add jQuery via your functions.php file using a built-in WordPress function. This will coordinate between all of the files that require the library … more

Getting your facebook ID using your facebook username

To get your facebook ID using your username browse to the following URL – changing “username” for your facebook username:

You should see information similar to the example below, including your facebook ID at the top of the page: … more

The social media buttons appear at the bottom of the page

If your social media buttons are appearing at the bottom of the page instead of in a floating or slide out panel the problem is usually caused by the jQuery library being loaded again after the plugin files.

If your theme files or another plugin are not using the WordPress standard method for loading the jQuery library this may result … more

Creating your own social media button panel styles

If you prefer to use your own CSS styles to create the button panel design you can disable the default CSS by unchecking the “Default Skin” option in the plugin settings page.

The plugin adds several different HTML tags to both the floating and slide out panels, which should enable you to fully customise the button panel layout.

The following … more

No buttons appear after activating the social share buttons plugin

The plugin is set up so that the buttons and the pages on which they appear are disabled by default when the plugin is first installed. This is to prevent any buttons appearing on your WordPress site without you first configuring the panel options.

To activate the buttons go to the plugin options page – click the plugin settings link … more

The Facebook Like button is not working correctly

If you are having problems with the facebook like button first check that you have entered your Facebook Admin ID details into the Admin ID field in the plugin settings page.

To get the Admin ID number for a particular facebook user name you can use the following URL – replace “username” with the username of the profile you would … more

What is the Default Facebook Image for?

When a user clicks the facebook like button several bits of information about your web page is submitted to facebook. One of these is the URL to an image that will be used as the thumbnail on the users facebook profile for your web page.

The plugin automatically sets the featured image, if one is available for your blog posts. … more


  • I have a problem with pin button- it’s not pinning anything.The big box from pininterest appears and it asking you what board you want to pin.After I’ve press red button “pin it” it’s not pinning.


    • try the other version of the button

  • Got it — checking the ‘default skin’ option fixed it.

  • I have just installed this plugin — it’s the first one I’ve found that seems to work well with Pinterest. BUT… I have one problem. If I set the Pinterest option to featured image, the Pin It icon appears. If I set it to Preview Image, the icon disappears! Any thoughts on why this would happen or how I can fix it?

    Many thanks!


  • Hi,

    Trying to get this to work with a tumblr feed – I am asked to put a shortcode in the custom are – no idea how to do this – searches on Google and Tumblr have proved fruitless.

    Any suggestions, please?



    • Hi,

      You will need to create a shortcode that generates the tumblr feed output if one isnt already available as a plugin

  • I just updated the plugin and lost a bunch of style settings. Can someone check out my implementation and let me know how to better align the list under the share button, decrease the indent to not cutoff the counts, and remove the bullets? Check out the weirdness on this page: Thanks in advance.

    - A.

    • Hi,

      You need to add some styles for the button panel. Either use the default CSS file by checking the “default skin” option in the plugin settings or add your own styles to your theme’s style sheet

      • Wow, that was stupidly easy to fix after I reset the style to the default skin. Thanks for this great plugin!

  • great plugin indeed! Only, it doesn’t show the same amount of likes and tweets as my previous social media plugin (AddThis). Are they conflicting with each other? It’s quite annoying as it looks as if I didn’t get any likes at all yet…

    • Hi,

      The buttons and counts are generated by the social network APIs. The counts are specific to a particular URL so if you have changed the URLs at all it would show zero

      • Well that’s the thing – one plugin shows a different count, on the same page, as the other. So I didn’t change any URLs, check out this page (Addthis is at the bottom):

        • It looks like something in the way the theme is coded is interfering with the standard URL that should be available when the buttons are generated. Sometimes a custom query that isnt reset can cause this kind of problem since the slick social share buttons are generated outside the standard wordpress content loop.

          I have emailed you a modified file which may help correct the problem

  • Hi threre. I’ve been trying to install on my site. When I try to activate, it automatically gets redirected to the home page of my website and does not activate. Any ideas how to solve this?

    • Hi,

      Never comes across the problem before with the plugin. If you have access to your server logs check if any php errors are occuring

  • I am attempting to use the slide option for the slick social share buttons plugin but the tab isn’t visible on the site…. any ideas?

    • Hi,

      Check the FAQ section and previous comments for more info and possible solutions.

  • Hi there i am trying to add the plugin to my site. when i did and entered my facebook id it is displaying the wrong like information, i have tried it on a few of my sites and am having the same issue when i use the facebook debug page i get the missing og:title information is there a fix for this? do i need to add something to my header to get it to work. I would appreciate your help if possible and a nice donation to follow cheers.

    • Hi,

      Try using the facebook iFrame button. You shouldnt have to enter an ID to get this to work

  • Hi Lee, cheers for building a great plugin! Just one small issue which is baffling me …it appears on all pages (including custom post types) except for one page where I have a template which pulls in a list of a custom post type and I can’t get it to display here. Had a look at the source and it’s not generating the code in the footer. The only difference between this and the standard page templates is I am using query_posts() to spit out the list under the main page content. Any ideas?

    • Make sure the wp_footer() function is in the bottom of the page

      • Yes it does, it uses the same get_footer() call and wp_footer() as the rest of the site. What else can I try?

  • Hello, great plug-in, unfortunately I can’t use it because it overrides the og:description tag and doesn’t let me use the meta data the way I need to. Is there any way to make this so that it doesn’t override the open graph data?

    • Hi,

      You can disable the opengraph tags via the plugin options page