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What is the difference between the facebook like buttons

There are 2 basic types of facebook like button:

Social Media Share Buttons

1. The like button that appears on each blog post or website page using plugins such as the WordPress Social Share Buttons Plugin.

Facebook Like Box

2. The like button that appears in the facebook likebox like you see on the WordPress Social Network Tabs Plugin.

When you like a blog post or article … more

Icon positioning incorrect with slide out social media tabs

If you occassionally get problems with the icons not being positioned correctly for slide out tabs when first visiting a page this can be caused by jQuery creating the icon buttons before the images have downloaded.

The problem can easily be solved by adding a CSS rule to your theme’s style sheet, which sets the icon dimensions. If you are … more

Adding jQuery to your theme files using wp_enqueue_script

If jQuery is hardcoded into your theme files this may cause plugins that rely on jQuery to break as reloading the jQuery library a second time overwrites previously loaded jQuery plugin files.

To avoid this you can add jQuery via your functions.php file using a built-in WordPress function. This will coordinate between all of the files that require the library … more

Getting your facebook ID using your facebook username

To get your facebook ID using your username browse to the following URL – changing “username” for your facebook username:

You should see information similar to the example below, including your facebook ID at the top of the page: … more

Widget does not appear on page when using twentyeleven theme

The twentyeleven theme has a setting, which allows you to turn off the sidebar for pages/posts.

If your widget is only appearing on the home page go to:

Admin-Appearance-Theme Options

Check the setting for “Default Layout” – make sure that the “One-column, no sidebar” option is NOT selected. … more

Create Your Own Google API Key

Creating your own google API key for the Social Media Tabs google plus plugin is fairly quick and easy:

  • Go to
  • Login to your google account
  • Click “Create Project”.

  • Under service list, click “off” button next to “Google+ API” to turn it on.
  • Accept both agreements.
  • From the left menu, Go to “API Access”
  • Copy your API key and
  • more

Creating Your Twitter Widget ID

The Social Media Tabs plugin uses embedded timeline Twitter widgets for the Twitter tab. The following steps show how you can create your own widget ID for use in the plugin:

Step 1

Login to your Twitter account and browse to the following URL:

Twitter Widgets

Click the “Create New” button

Step 2

Twitter Widgets

Select your widget type – user timeline, favourites, … more

The profiles all appear in the widget area but not in a tabbed sliding panel

There are several reasons why the social media tabs may fail to load properly:

1. The necessary code is missing from the page footer. The plugin adds the required jQuery code to your template footer. Make sure that your template files contain the wp_footer() function – this is usually located just before the closing body tag in your theme’s footer … more

How to get your google profile ID

To get your google profile ID for the google +1 tab go to your google accounts page and click on the “edit profile” link.

Check the URL in the browser address bar – your profile ID is the number in the middle of the URL: … more

How to get your facebook page ID

The ID used for the social media tabs facebook widget is the ID of your facebook page.

If you dont know your facebook page ID logon to your facebook account and make sure that you switch to “Use facebook as a page” under the “Account” options in the menu.

When you are redirected to your facebook page check the URL … more

The facebook tab shows an error

If you facebook tab shows the following error message your Facebook ID is incorrect:

Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.

Check that you are using a facebook page ID and not your facebook profile ID – the like box is specifically for facebook pages.

To get the page ID, browse to … more


  • I receive this error when trying to install the sidebar widget….”could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.” I filled out the related info in both the widget and settings areas.
    Thank you,

    • Please see FAQ

  • Love the plugins!!!! One question, is ther a way to use the facebook dark theme on the social media tabs plugin?

    • Hi,

      You can edit the like box coded directly to change the theme in file dcwp_widget.php line 753

  • Hi, I was wondering how (if possible) to add an “etsy mini” like app to the custom tab?

    • The javascript code given by etsy is something similar to this:

      new EtsyNameSpace.Mini(1234567, ‘shop‘,’thumbnail‘,4,2).renderIframe();

    • You will need to create a shortcode to add the etsy app

  • Hi! Thank you for a wonderful plugin. Guys, is it possible to make a tab for It’s a very popular social net in my country. It has some nice widgets, for example:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script&gt;
    <!-- VK Widget -->
    <div id="vk_groups"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    VK.Widgets.Group("vk_groups", {mode: 0, width: "200", height: "290"}, 20003922);

    How can I paste it into the Custom tab? Help me, please.

    • Oh, sorry, I’ve already done it myself o_O


    How do I make the tabs appear like in the above image ? Mine are showing different. The icons are above and the content is below. I want the icons to be in the side..

    Please take a look at my blog where it is in default position..

    Thanks for the great plugin

    • Hi,

      The icons display at the side if the plugin is set to slide out from either the left or right of the browser