Google Adwords – Guess What, Google is not Infallible

I am a fan of Google Adwords.

Even though I am a fan, I went to see if I could register because I have a gripe with them and want to share it…. but in 2003 ’someone’ registered that domain, and it is currently in limbo… not parked, not used.  Easy to surmise what company registered that and never used it!

That domain would be very popular…

Google does a lot of good stuff, but I think they are just too big for their own good.

I think they have created a powerful medium for business development and clearly dominate their competition.  That last point is why, despite respecting them (grudgingly) I feel compelled to start doing more advertising with Microsoft Bing and Yahoo.

Google is too good.  To a fault.  But even more surprising, they don’t really do a good job of customer support (why would be a high traffic site…

I have more to say on this subject and will return shortly…


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  • LOL – I too have a love hate relationships with Google. Long story and I won’t bore you . . . . but I wouldn’t mind seeing their dimise someday soon. The old saying – “The Bigger They are, the harder they fall”

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