Facebook & Twitter Shares, Retweet, Reply & Favourite Tweet Links Added To jQuery Social Stream Plugin

jQuery Social Stream Share Links

The latest update to the jQuery Social Stream Plugin, version 1.4.2, includes many new additions to make the social network streams more interactive, help promote your social network posts and boost your traffic!

Update now also available for WordPress Social Stream Plugin – version 1.4.3

In addition to 3 new feed options; show Facebook page galleries, Pinterest boards & Youtube playlists, the plugin now also includes share links for both facebook and twitter on each social network post plus retweet, reply and favourite links on all twitter posts.

This latest version of jQuery Social Stream now supports 15 social networks with a total of 60 feed options.

jQuery Social Stream Network Wall

Additions available with version 1.4.2

  • Show feeds from pinterest boards
  • Show feeds from facebook galleries including latest comments
  • Show feeds from youtube playlists
  • Share feed items via facebook
  • Share feed items via twitter
  • Retweet link on twitter posts
  • Reply link on twitter posts
  • Favorite link on twitter posts
  • Option to show twitter images + twitter image size options
  • Option to show twitter retweets & replies

Updates available with version 1.4.2

  • No access token required for Instagram tag searches
  • Add count parameter to Instagram URL
  • Change item selector for jQuery isotope
  • Facebook relative links
  • Add max limit of 50 to youtube feeds

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jQuery Social Stream Plugin

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