jQuery Social Stream Plugin Now Includes Tumblr

jQuery Social Stream Wall

Starting version 1.2 our popular premium jQuery plugin, jQuery Social Stream, now includes the Tumblr network, bringing the total number of supported networks to 14 with 26 different feed options.

The Tumblr feed includes specific styling and formatting for all tumblr content types – photo, video, regular, quote, audio, conversation & link, including an inline video player for video posts.

Options for the tumblr feed include set thumbnail width, video player width as well as being able to control the feed item content.

jQuery Social Stream can handle multiple, unlimited tumblr profiles in a single stream or create multiple streams per page. Streams can be displayed as a rotating feed widget or a jQuery isotope network wall.

Tumblr version now available from codecanyon or view the live demo site


  • Has there been any thought of including LinkedIn profile and company posts? I know it’s not the hippest of sites, but as I’m adding this to a real estate site it’s something of interest to our user base.

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately linkedin dont quite work the same as all of the other social networks with regards to feeds. They currently dont have any public feeds thats can be used for the social stream plugin

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