New jQuery Plugin – JQuery Spamless

The jQuery Spamless plugin is a simple and lightweight plugin that helps prevent and protect against email spam by converting obfuscated email addresses into human readable ones in the users browser.

The plugin offers several options, which allow you to customise the level of security:

  • Customise the characters used to replace the “@” symbol and the domain name “.”.
  • Select whether to convert reversed text into a human readable email – e.g. moc[dot]niamod[at]sserdda.liame would be rendered as
  • Automatically add a mailto link

The plugin can also be used on mailto links and will automatically identify when a link is used and convert the href text.

Check out the jQuery Spamless project pages for more information, examples and downloads.


  • I hate spam and everyday i find a lot in my website
    this plugin is important for a site

    • Hi,

      Glad you find it useful

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