New Premium jQuery Plugin – jQuery Contact Tabs

jQuery Contact Tabs Plugin

Create unlimited contact tabs with customised AJAX powered forms and display in slide out or static tabs. Plugin includes 12 different form elements and client-side validation.

Our latest premium jQuery form generator plugin makes it easy to add stylish slide out contact tabs to any website. Add multiple tabs, each with its own custom form or use the built-in default standard contact form. All form HTML and styling generated by the plugin – both “light” and “dark” skins available.

Configure your own forms from the following form elements:

  • Text block
  • Text fields
  • Textarea
  • Select lists
  • Radio button groups
  • Checkboxes
  • Hidden fields
  • Email to & email from text fields
  • IP field for including user’s IP address
  • URL field for including URL of page where form was submitted
  • Submit button

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Plugin Features

  • jQuery form generator – create custom forms with 12 different form elements
  • Submit form via AJAX
  • Display either using slide out tabs or static tabs in your page content.
  • Fully flexible positioning.
  • Position sliding tabs relative to browser window or within the page content.
  • Includes validation options for form input
  • Includes both light & dark skins
  • Includes PHP file for sending email via PHP mail or SMTP mail
  • Option to load open for slide out tabs.
  • Control order of tabs & select default tab on page load.
  • Show/hide slide out tabs or change active contact tab using external links.
  • Default contact form very easy to use – just add a single div tag to your web page & initialize the plugin!
  • Full documentation.
  • Multiple examples including configurable demo.
  • Tested up to jQuery 1.9.1

jQuery Contact Tabs Plugin Demos

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  • HI
    Before buying this plugin, I want to make some questions clear.

    First of all, Can I make multiple CONTACT FORM?
    I want to make two CONTACT FORM to this plugin.
    When I look at live preview, first tab is “Contact Form” , Second one is “Recommend To A Friend”, I want to make either first one and second one is “Contact form”. Is it possible?

    I think this plugin use image file like this.

    Can I change this image? and its size?
    I want to use my own image..

    Thank you in advance

    • Hi,

      1. Yes no problem – you can create multiple forms using customised fields so you can have all of them contact form if required.

      2. Yes you can specify your own icon in the plugin settings.

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