New Wordpress Plugin – Slick Contact Forms

Slick Contact Forms is our latest Wordpress plugin using jQuery. The plugin allows you to quickly and easily add contact forms to any post or page in Wordpress using widget areas.

The plugin allows multiple forms per page, option to either use jquery sticky tabs or jquery floating tabs for the contact form and configure the form settings, animation and the email address of where the form details should be sent.

Wordpress slick contact forms plugin page.

Each contact form also includes the option to add up to 3 input text fields and one text area. Input labels can be set via the contact form control panel as well as the type of jQuery validation used – select either “no validation”, “required” or “email” for checking that entered text matches the correct email format.

Validation error messages are animated along with highlighting the input field and form is submitted using AJAX.

The plugin is designed so that all of the forms are fully accessible and in the event that the user has javascript disabled the form will appear on the page in the designated widget area and can be submitted as normal.

For more information and instructions on how to install and configure the plugin and check out a demo form:

Wordpress slick contact forms.


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