Printing with Art Paper or Woodfree Paper

When printing is important to know which paper type to use and when.

There are two main types of paper for printing – each one has it’s own specific use.

Printing With Art Paper

Art paper has a hard, smooth surface on one or both sides, which created by a coat of fine clay compound. Art paper is commonly used for printing business cards, brochures, catalogues, posters etc. It comes in a range of different paper weight for different thickness and strength. It is not possible to write on art paper.

Printing With Woodfree Paper

Woodfree paper is a printing and writing paper which contains little or no mechanical woodpulp. It is commonly used for printing letterheads, notebooks, notepads and other similar type items, which are used for writing or standard printing.

Woodfree paper comes in 80 – 100gm thickness.

Based on your printing requirements, this should help guide you to know what type of paper to ask for in your next printing project.

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