Simple Tabs with AJAX and jQuery

One of the great things about jQuery is its complete suite of built in AJAX functions, which allow you to add quick and easy features to your website.

The example below came from a recent project to create an internal web application for a client, which utilised tab navigation, jQuery and AJAX to load data into the page without the … more

How To Add Blog Posts To A Wordpress Page

By default pages in Wordpress websites will not display blog posts. However, there is a quick an easy way to edit the code of your theme page to handle this.

1. Wordpress Theme Page Code

First create a new page for your theme. Then add the following code to the web page in the area where you normally display the … more

Check Passwords Using jQuery

We have had several requests on how to use jQuery to check that passwords match in your website registration form when requesting visitors to re-enter their passwords.

This can easily be achieved by using similar code shown in our previous posts on Using jQuery to Validate Search Box Input and Email Validation Using jQuery.

1. The Password Input Fields

<form  … more

Using jQuery to Validate Search Box Input

Today’s tip is just another simple example of how you can use the versatile jQuery library to validate form input text in your website.

In a recent project a client required validation on a search form input that would only allow numbers, letters and a “-”.

The Search Form

<form method="post" name="form1" action="">
          <div><label>Search:</label><input type="text" name="search-text" id="search-text" value="" size="32"  … more

Using jQuery to Hide Multiple Email Addresses From Spam Harvesters

A few months ago we wrote about using jQuery and AJAX to hide your email address from spam harvesters. Although very effective it can get a little confusing if managing multiple email addresses throughout your website.

A simple solution can be set up, which allows you to use just a single file containing all of your website’s email addresses and … more

Article Spinning for Backlinks

Web…. everything is connected by sticky strings of information… or

“There is no such thing as bad publicity when you’re reading about yourself, unless its your obituary.”

One of our clients was concerned that their name and article was being associated with a ‘cheap’ discount domain name because their article was posted on a travel site offering cheap airline tickets, … more

Printing Gold Colour

Recently I experienced the agony of trying to get the colour gold printed on a series of products that I designed and this is what I discovered.

On our first try using digital print, the resulting colour was a greenish brown colour. Nowhere close to Gold

On our second try using offset print, the resulting colour was still a greenish … more

SEO Alchemy – Writing for the Web

We’re hopeful the following suggestions will save time, improve performance and make life generally better/easier for all of us.

It is a common mistake to think something like “we’ll design the site, and write the content, and then send it off for SEO”.  That means rewriting and re-designing each page…after rewriting and redesigning them from the old site to the … more

Web Design – Core Files

Since most websites start with the same set of core file requirements and most layouts have at least the same starting HTML and CSS structure you can speed up your initial web design by having a core set of files ready to use.

For our core files we usually have the main directory structure set up:

  • CSS folder
  • Images Folders
  • more

Email Validation Using jQuery

A client recently wanted to include validation on their website registration form that would not only check that the input text was a genuine email address but also to disallow registration of any “free” email addresses.

Using jQuery we can easily add this to the website by creating a regular expression, which checks for email addresses such as yahoo, gmail, … more

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