jQuery Social Media Tabs Plugin

jQuery Social Media Tabs Facebook Stream

To add the facebook stream to the like box set “stream” to “true” for the fblike options.

To remove the likebox faces and show only the facebook stream set the “limit” value to zero.

jQuery Code

			rssUrl: 'http://feeds.feedburner.com/DesignChemical',
			twitterId: 'designchemical',
			fblikeId: '157969574262873',
			fbrecUrl: 'http://www.designchemical.com',
			googleId: '111470071138275408587',
			deliciousId: 'designchemical',
			youtubeId: 'wired',
			diggId: 'remix4',
			pinterestId: 'jaffrey',
			lastfmId: 'lastfm',
                        flickrId: '',
                        dribbbleId: 'dribbble',
                        vimeoId: 'vimeo',
			    stream: true

Add the HTML

<div id="social-tabs"></div>

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