jQuery Social Media Tabs Plugin

jQuery Social Media Tabs Plugin – Example 2

The location of the slide out tabs is totally flexible and can be easily set using 3 options – location, align and offset. The settings below change the tabs location to bottom-left 10 pixels from the left-hand side of the browser window.

The plugin also includes features such as opening the tabs on page load and selecting the active tab when opened. In the settings below we have set “loadOpen” to “true” and Tab # 5 (Pinterest) will be the active tab.

   location: 'bottom',
   align: 'left',
   offset: 10,
   loadOpen: true,
   start: 4,
   widgets: 'twitter,fblike,fbrec,google,pinterest,rss',
   rssUrl: 'http://feeds.feedburner.com/DesignChemical',
   twitterId: 'designchemical',
   fblikeId: '157969574262873',
   fbrecUrl: 'http://www.designchemical.com',
   googleId: '111470071138275408587',
   googleApi: 'AIzaSyCsugGErGFtT5mGKH51DLqvZJTQx2ggypQ',
   pinterestId: 'jaffrey'


<div id="social-tabs"></div>

Configure the tabs

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Other Options Available

Some of the other options that can be configured via the plugin settings include:

  • Rotation speed & direction for ticker
  • Option to open tabs on page load & which tab should be active
  • Option to auto-close tabs when elsewhere in the browser window is clicked
  • Animation speed
  • Option to turn off the ticker controls
  • Option to open links in new browser window

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