jQuery Social Media Tabs Plugin

jQuery Social Media Tabs Plugin – Example 3

Create Static Tabs – The plugin includes the option to switch to either static tabs, which
will appear where the div tag is located or even to create sliding tabs within the page itself.

The demo also shows the addition of the google +1 page widget for the google +1 tab header.

To see an example of the feed ticker controls hover over the feed items. Click “pause” to stop the feed rotating & play to resume again. You can navigate through all of the items manually using the up/down icons. The speed of rotation and direction can be set using the plugin options.

jQuery Code

Using the “method: ’static’” option we can switch from slide out tabs to inline static tabs:

    method: 'static',
    width: 400,
    height: 500,
    widgets: 'google,fblike,fbrec,rss,twitter,delicious,pinterest,vimeo,youtube',
    googleId: '111470071138275408587',
    rssId: 'http://feeds.feedburner.com/DesignChemical',
    twitterId: 'designchemical',
    deliciousId: 'designchemical',
    fblikeId: '157969574262873',
    fbrecId: 'http://www.designchemical.com',
    pinterestId: 'jaffrey',
    vimeoId: 'brad',
    youtubeId: 'wired',
    google: {
        title: '',
        link: false,
        follow: '',
        pageId: '105859224050822307005',
        header: 2,
        api_key: 'AIzaSyB1UZNnscjMDjjH-pi_XbnLRld2wAqi3Ek'
        limit: 36
    vimeo: {
        title: 'Vimeo Groups',
        feed: 'groups'


<div id="social-tabs"></div>

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