WordPress Top Social Share Posts Plugin

Top Social Posts by Category

The demonstration shows how easy it is to fully customise both the share stats as well as the top posts carousel.

The stats below give totals shares for specific categories – e.g. Wordpress Plugins & Tutorials and the sidebar carousel shows the top posts for the 2 categories combined.

Wordpress Plugins

[dc_tsp_stats cat="84"]


[dc_tsp_stats cat="114"]


Categories can be filtered using the plugin's shortcodes and the parameter "cat".

Category Stats Shortcode:

[ dc_tsp_stats cat="84" ]

Carousel Shortcode:

[ dc_tsp style="carousel" type="post" inc_total="true" auto="7" cat="84,114"]

Top WordPress + Tutorial Posts

[dc_tsp style="carousel" type="post,page" num="7" inc_total="true" auto="7" all_counts="false" cat="84,114"]