WordPress Social Network Tabs Plugin

Social Network Tabs – Example 5

The demo shows how the social network tabs can be controlled via external links using the built-in shortcode.

Open/Close Slide Out Tabs

click To Toggle

[dc_social_tabs_link]click To Toggle[/dc_social_tabs_link]

click To Open

[dc_social_tabs_link action="open"]click To Open[/dc_social_tabs_link]

click To Close

[dc_social_tabs_link action="close"]click To Close[/dc_social_tabs_link]

Change Active Social Network Tab

View Twitter

[dc_social_tabs_link action="slide" tab="1"]View Twitter[/dc_social_tabs_link]

Google +1

[dc_social_tabs_link action="slide" tab="5"]Google +1[/dc_social_tabs_link]

Our Latest Pins

[dc_social_tabs_link action="slide" tab="11"]Our Latest Pins[/dc_social_tabs_link]

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