After The Wave Posters

This is the last item on the current After The Wave publication project list. The objective of the poster is to create awareness for After The Wave and the good work that they are doing.

The first thing I did was to come up with a concept and the art direction. Since ATW is about the students and for the students, featuring the students on the poster would definitely convey this. There is also the continuing education factor which I feel must be prominent in the poster too.

To keep the education link, the students were photographed in their school uniform while taking part in various activities in the school. However, the images that strengthen ATW concept of continuing education are those of the students walking to and from the school. The act of walking to school implies continuing education.

The volunteer photographer took many pictures of the students walking to and from school and all I had to do was select the image that would receive the appropriate reaction, crop it to size (bleed) and add the necessary graphics and text.

The artwork is then sent to print on 160gm paper and finished off with UV coating. I decided on UV coating against gloss laminate because there is a high possibility that the posters will be exposed to direct sunlight and weather – UV coating not only protects against the sun but also strengthens the paper. Most importantly, it will retain the glossy effect much longer than a gloss laminate would.

The end result was a nice looking poster that gives the right impression on ATW and it’s valuable work. I hope that there will be more projects with ATW in the future, it has been fun and most definitely worthwhile working with the volunteers.


  • The photography and poster design are wonderful! Now I believe ATW needs a great slogan for their posters. That’s my next project for the new school year.

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