Design Chemical Alchemy – SEO Checklist – Directory Submissions

Directory Submissions are not what they used to be but still matter, especially for new sites hungry for traffic and backlinks.

Website directories give your site a quick description and a link to a landing page. This is a proven way to build a many backlinks in a short period of time. They won’t perform miracles, but directories can help when combined with other SEO techniques.

SEO blogging gurus have a variety of opinions ranging from Google doesn’t count directories anymore, to you need 2500 directory listings to make an impact.  We’re doing some testing to determine effects but it is difficult to determine exactly what benefits you get.  But do keep in mind that Google penalizes paid links so my advice is to avoid paying for links of anykind.  The directory submission services that offer manual linking service may be okay, but again what they do is out of your control so not necessarily a sure bet either.

Directory submission used to be the wholy grail, but things change and I would move this down the ‘to do’ list.  Blogging is what gets it done, and the better the content you offer about what you know about the better.

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