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jQuery Tutorial – Create a Flexible Data Heat Map

jQuery Data Heat Map

Add more excitement to data tables using jQuery and conditional formatting to generate flexible data “heat maps”.

Long tables of numbers are never fun to look at and when presenting this kind of data on the web, where attention spans are already at their limits, you need to be able to present the highlights as quickly as possible.

Data heat … more

Wordpress Tutorial – Create Your own Custom Vertical Mega Menu

Custom Vertical Mega Menu

In our last menu tutorial we looked at creating a custom style sheet for the mega drop down menu plugin. Today we are going to go through the jQuery Vertical Mega Menu Plugin and how we can use the plugin’s built in CSS classes combined with the inherent Wordpress menu classes to create a completely customised menu.

The sample CSS … more

Wordpress Tutorial – Current & Parent Menu Items In Custom Menus

With the custom Wordpress menus available with Wordpress 3.0 there are inherent systems that allow us to identify which is the current menu item and it’s parent links. Unfortunately these aren’t very obvious and going through the source code to pick them out can be a nightmare.

Today we are going to highlight a few of these classes and demonstrate … more

Wordpress Tutorial – Create Your own Custom Mega Menu Styles

Custom Wordpress Mega Menu

In today’s tutorial we are going to go through how to create your own CSS file for the Wordpress Mega drop down menu plugin and with just a few additional CSS styles, fully customise your navigation to create more exciting and unique menus.

The objective of the tutorial will be to create a complete set of CSS rules for the … more

jQuery Plugin – Drill Down Menu

Following the release of our new Wordpress plugin – jQuery Drill Down iPod Menu Widget we have now also set up the jQuery plugin code that was used to create the Wordpress widget.

Drill down menus are perfect for arranging and managing complex nested menus in compact and fixed sized areas and provide excellent useability where standard drop down menus … more

Benefits of Website HTML & CSS Validation

Many people ask the question … why validate?

Although most modern browsers will still display code with errors, validation ensures that your web pages meet current HTML and CSS standards. From a web designers point of view validation is a quick and easy way to check for errors that may be causing issues with the way your website renders on … more

Website HTML and CSS Validation

I was amazed to recently read on one local forum someone advising that a web design company with a website that has less than 100 errors could be considered as “decent” … crazy … there is absolutely no reason at all for any errors or warnings in website code.

I am always shocked by how few locally designed websites in … more