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jQuery Tutorial – Create a Flexible Data Heat Map

jQuery Data Heat Map

Add more excitement to data tables using jQuery and conditional formatting to generate flexible data “heat maps”.

Long tables of numbers are never fun to look at and when presenting this kind of data on the web, where attention spans are already at their limits, you need to be able to present the highlights as quickly as possible.

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jQuery Tooltips – Create Your Own Tooltip Plugin

jQuery Tooltips Plugin Tutorial

In today’s jQuery tutorial we are going to look at creating your own jQuery tooltip plugin!

Whilst there are many great tooltip plugins available out there, creating your own provides a nice and relatively easy opportunity to try your hand at jquery plugins as well as some basic jquery code.

View jQuery Tooltips Plugin DemoDownload Source Files

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Random Password Generator Using jQuery

Today’s jQuery post is a useful piece of code that you can add onto your registration forms for creating random passwords using only jQuery. The benefit of providing this system is that it generates stronger passwords than most people would create for themselves so offers extra security for critical applications.

See Random Password Demo Download the source code

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jQuery Tutorial Demos

I have now added a list of all of the available jQuery tutorial demos so far, including demos and links for the jQuery plugins. So if you are looking for some quick tips take a look at:

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