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Adding a Wordpress Menu To a Non-Wordpress Page

If you are developing a site that uses Wordpress as a CMS for part of the website and custom php pages for other sections it can be useful to utilise the functions built into Wordpress on non-Wordpress pages.

One useful example is to use the Wordpress menu system to manage the site’s menus. With its ability to add custom links, … more

Live Text Search Function Using jQuery

Today we are going to look at using jQuery to create a “live search” feature for your website. With just a few lines of code and a single text input box you can add a text filter to any site content.

For the tutorial we will create a search feature for our blog comments, although the same function can easily … more

Get URL Parameters Using jQuery

Todays post is a very simple, yet surprisingly useful piece of code, which will get the parameter after the ‘#’ symbol in the web page URL.

Being able to extract the URL parameter with jQuery is obviously very useful and allows us to then use this value in our jQuery functions.

In our demo jQuery code we are going to … more

Random Password Generator Using jQuery

Today’s jQuery post is a useful piece of code that you can add onto your registration forms for creating random passwords using only jQuery. The benefit of providing this system is that it generates stronger passwords than most people would create for themselves so offers extra security for critical applications.

See Random Password Demo Download the source code

To actually … more

Create An Image Preloader For Image Swap Using jQuery

The following tutorial takes one of our earlier code snippets and improves it by adding a function to preload images.

The Quick and Easy jQuery Image Swap function offers a very simple way of implementing image change on hover for buttons, links, etc (see earlier post for more info). One problem however is that the first time the active image … more