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New Premium jQuery Plugin – jQuery Contact Tabs

jQuery Contact Tabs Plugin

Create unlimited contact tabs with customised AJAX powered forms and display in slide out or static tabs. Plugin includes 12 different form elements and client-side validation.

Our latest premium jQuery form generator plugin makes it easy to add stylish slide out contact tabs to any website. Add multiple tabs, each with its own custom form or use the built-in default … more

jQuery Tutorial – Adding Vertical Animation to the Slider Menu

After our jQuery tutorial yesterday on creating a jQuery Slider Menu we have had several requests on how to modify the jQuery code to scroll the slider images vertically instead of horizontally.

In today’s post we are going to look at changing the jQuery code so that the slider menu can handle both vertical and horizontal animation.

Both the HTML … more

jQuery Tutorial – Create a jQuery Menu Slider

jQuery Menu Slider

In the following tutorial we are going to go through how to create a jQuery menu slider similar to the one used in our own website’s mega menu navigation (see “Wordpress Plugins” menu item).

View Demo Download Source Code


The HTML is very simple and basically includes:

  • A wrapper (”#menu-slider”) – only used for styling the jquery menu
  • more

Wordpress Plugin – Floating Tweets

The Wordpress Floating Tweets plugin adds a floating, sticky tab containing a live twitter feed from any twitter account.

The floating twitter widget is quickly and easily set up via any widget panel and can handle multiple floating twitter feeds per page, each with a different twitter account.

The widget control panel includes many options to customise position and features. … more

New jQuery Plugin – jQuery Slick

The new jQuery Slick plugin creates sticky, slide out tabs from any HTML content. Great for adding sticky navigation or forms to any website.

Very quick and easy to use – just wrap the sticky content with a div tag with an ID and initialise the plugin. Features of the plugin include:

  • The ability to position the sticky tab anywhere
  • more

Wordpress Plugin – jQuery Slick Menu Widget

Updated September 26th 2011

The jQuery Slick Menu plugin creates sticky, sliding menus from any custom Wordpress menu available with Wordpress 3.0. Using this plugin you can add links/menus for items that you want to highlight and always be available for your users.

The plugin can handle multiple slick menus on each page and the location of each widget menu … more

jQuery Plugin – Drill Down Menu

Following the release of our new Wordpress plugin – jQuery Drill Down iPod Menu Widget we have now also set up the jQuery plugin code that was used to create the Wordpress widget.

Drill down menus are perfect for arranging and managing complex nested menus in compact and fixed sized areas and provide excellent useability where standard drop down menus … more

Light-Weight jQuery Animated Slider

Today’s tutorial is a brief look at the jQuery animate function and how this can be used to create a very quick and easy content slider from an unordered list and a few lines of jQuery.

Whilst there are a lot of plugins out there for creating slick jQuery sliders sometimes all you need is a few lines a code … more