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Social Network Tabs & jQuery Social Media Tabs Now With Facebook & Twitter Share Links

jQuery Social Stream Share Links

The latest updates to our popular WordPress Social Network Tabs Plugin & jQuery Social Media Tabs Plugin, versions 1.6.1, now include facebook and twitter share links to help promote your social network posts and boost your traffic!

The latest versions of the plugins also include 2 new feed options; Pinterest boards & Flickr Group Feeds bringing the total number of … more

Instagram Added To jQuery & WordPress Social Network Tabs Plugins

Social Network Tabs

Version 1.6 of jQuery Social Media Tabs and WordPress Social Network Tabs now includes the Instagram API, bringing the total number of supported networks to 17 with 49 feed options!

Instagram Tab Feed Options

Instagram Feed Tab

  • Show an Instagram user feed
  • Search Instagram tags
  • Show an Instagram Location ID feed
  • Search by latitude/longitude + distance
  • Show post likes with user thumbnail avatar
  • more

Pinterest & Buffer Button Updates For Slick Social Shares Plugin

Pinterest & Buffer

The latest version of the Slick Social Shares Buttons Wordpress Plugin includes a new addition – the Buffer button and an exciting feature addition to the increasingly popular pinterest pinit button.

Buffer Button

Buffer is a social network sharing service, which allows you to add Tweets and Facebook posts to your Buffer account and automatically share that content throughout the … more

Reddit Social Share Button For Wordpress

Slick Social Share Buttons plugin for Wordpress version 2.3 now includes the Reddit share button.

Reddit button options include either a horizontal button with/without count or a vertical button with count. Reddit is also included in the plugin’s Social Statistics page, which provides a summary of share button counts for all pages, posts, category pages and even the site’s home … more

Updated Wordpress Plugin – jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu 2.6

The latest version of the Wordpress jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu plugin includes a couple of new features to improve the menu’s flexibility as well as a change to the auto expand based on current page option.

The two new features added to the widget control panel:

Menu Class

In previous versions the accordion menu used the default Wordpress class name … more

Updated Wordpress Plugin – Slick Contact Forms 1.2

The latest version of our Wordpress contact form plugin now includes the feature to open and close the sticky or floating contact form tabs using external links.

Using Shortcodes

The easiest way to add a text link to your Wordpress content is to use the shortcode feature built into the plugin. To create a link using the default settings use … more

Wordpress Plugin Update – Vertical Accordion Menu 2.5

The latest update to our Wordpress plugin – jQuery vertical accordion menu version 2.5, now allows the auto-expand feature without having to use the “Save State” option.

Auto-expand will automatically expand sub-menus on page load using the inherent CSS classes allocated by the Wordpress custom menu system. This will synchronise the accordion menu with the current page for users that … more

jQuery Plugin Update – Vertical Accordion Menu 2.5

The latest version of the jQuery vertical accordion menu plugin now includes the added option to auto-expand selected sub-menus on page load based on their parent li tag CSS class.

This enhanced feature allows you to synchronise the accordion menu with the page for users that navigate to the page from other non-accordion links.

For more detailed information see the … more

jQuery & Wordpress Plugin Update – Mega Menu

The latest version of the mega drop down menu plugin for both jQuery and Wordpress now includes the option to use either “click” or “hover” to activate the sub-menus. With the new click option the menu now stays open until the user either clicks on a link or clicks elsewhere on the screen outside of the sub-menu, offers greater useability. … more

Wordpress Plugin Update – jQuery Accordion Menu 2.4

Based on recent feedback we have decided to launch the latest update to our jQuery vertical accordion menu plugin for Wordpress. The latest version (2.4) now includes the option to auto-expand the accordion menu according to the users current page/post.

This now greatly enhances the Wordpress accordion menu by automatically following the inherent Wordpress menu system for tracking the users … more

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