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jQuery Tutorial – Adding Vertical Animation to the Slider Menu

After our jQuery tutorial yesterday on creating a jQuery Slider Menu we have had several requests on how to modify the jQuery code to scroll the slider images vertically instead of horizontally.

In today’s post we are going to look at changing the jQuery code so that the slider menu can handle both vertical and horizontal animation.

Both the HTML … more

Updated Wordpress Plugin – jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu 2.6

The latest version of the Wordpress jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu plugin includes a couple of new features to improve the menu’s flexibility as well as a change to the auto expand based on current page option.

The two new features added to the widget control panel:

Menu Class

In previous versions the accordion menu used the default Wordpress class name … more

Wordpress Plugin – Floating Tweets

The Wordpress Floating Tweets plugin adds a floating, sticky tab containing a live twitter feed from any twitter account.

The floating twitter widget is quickly and easily set up via any widget panel and can handle multiple floating twitter feeds per page, each with a different twitter account.

The widget control panel includes many options to customise position and features. … more

Wordpress Plugin – jQuery Floating Menu

Updated 30th June 2012

wordpress floating menu plugin

The jQuery Floating Menu plugin allows you to add a floating, sticky menu containing important links to your Wordpress site. These menus can be created from any Wordpress 3.0 custom menu.

This Wordpress plugin can handle multiple floating menus on each page and has many options to customise position and features, which are easily set via … more

New jQuery Plugin – jQuery Floater

The new jQuery Floater plugin allows you to easily create floating tabs with slide out content from any block of HTML. Useful for adding important navigation links or even text content.

The plugin offers many options, which can be used to customise the floating content including:

  • Position the floating tabs anywhere in the browser window using a combination of “location”
  • more

Wordpress Tutorial – Create Your own Custom Vertical Mega Menu

Custom Vertical Mega Menu

In our last menu tutorial we looked at creating a custom style sheet for the mega drop down menu plugin. Today we are going to go through the jQuery Vertical Mega Menu Plugin and how we can use the plugin’s built in CSS classes combined with the inherent Wordpress menu classes to create a completely customised menu.

The sample CSS … more

Wordpress Plugin Update – jQuery Accordion Menu 2.4

Based on recent feedback we have decided to launch the latest update to our jQuery vertical accordion menu plugin for Wordpress. The latest version (2.4) now includes the option to auto-expand the accordion menu according to the users current page/post.

This now greatly enhances the Wordpress accordion menu by automatically following the inherent Wordpress menu system for tracking the users … more

Wordpress Plugin Update – Vertical Accordion Menu 2.3

We have had several comments regarding problems using Cufon text with the jQuery Vertical Acccordion Menu plugin. This latest update to the plugin now allows you to use Cufon fonts with the accordion menu, starting with version 2.3.

Update the accordion plugin via your plugin admin panel or click to download version 2.3. … more

Wordpress Plugin – jQuery Slick Menu Widget

Updated September 26th 2011

The jQuery Slick Menu plugin creates sticky, sliding menus from any custom Wordpress menu available with Wordpress 3.0. Using this plugin you can add links/menus for items that you want to highlight and always be available for your users.

The plugin can handle multiple slick menus on each page and the location of each widget menu … more

Choosing a Vertical Menu Wordpress Plugin For Your Site

With all of the different types of vertical menu Wordpress plugins out there it can sometimes be confusing as to what is the best option for your own Wordpress site.

Today we review the 3 vertical menu plugins available on this site and summarise which one to use for each situation.

The Vertical Menu Options

  • jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu Plugin
  • more

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