New jQuery Plugin Released – jQuery Accordion Menu

We have now launched the jQuery accordion menu plugin used to create the Wordpress accordion menu widget plugin.

The jquery plugin has several features, which make it very easy to create fully functional vertical accordion menus from standard HTML nested lists. Options built into the plugin include:

  • Option to use either hover or click to activate menu
  • Menu state can be saved between pages using cookies
  • No limit on the number of nested levels
  • Auto close the menu on mouseout for the hover option
  • Select option to limit open sub-menus to only one at a time or allow the menu to fully expand
  • And a new feature – ability to add a count of the number of child links to each parent menu item – offering users more information on the menu options available.

See the jQuery vertical accordion menu plugin project pages for complete instructions, demos and to download the plugin including sample code and skins.


  • Have you an private e-mail for me?

  • Hi,

    I’m using your plugin but online there is no data stored into the cookie, only the path but no content.

    if i try offline / local on my machine there is no problem. chrome, firefox and ie tested.
    some help?

    • mysash – what version are you currently using? There was an update to version 2.2, which involved changing the cookie … although this was more regarding the cookie name.

      Can you send me a link I can take a look at?

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