Google Plus, Pinterest & Flickr Updates For Social Media Tabs Wordpress Plugin

The latest version of the Social Media Tabs WordPress plugin adds 3 new social network tabs; google plus, pinterest & flickr plus a custom tab for adding your own widgets.

Google Plus Feed

After the shutdown of the google buzz API in November last year the plugin has been without a decent google tab. The latest version finally now includes a google plus feed, using the google plus activity jQuery plugin.

The widget requires a google API key – see plugin project page for more details on how to create your own API key.

Pinterest Latest Pins & Follow Button

Pinterest continues to become more and more popular as a social sharing tool. The new pinterest tab now gives you the ability to list your latest pins with the thumbnail images, description and date it was pinned. The pins are displayed individually in a carousel so there are no restrictions on the number of results.

The pinterest tab also includes the option to add a “Follow Me” button linked to your profile.

Flickr Thumbnails

The third major update to the plugin is a Flickr tab, which you can use to display a gallery of thumbnails from any Flickr User.

Custom Tab

To make the plugin even more flexible we have now added a “custom” tab, which allows you to add your own social network feed or widget.

The custom icon can be set via the plugin options page in admin and the content added to the tab via a shortcode.

Social Media Tabs Plugin

With the new additions the plugin now includes tabs for – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, RSS, YouTube, Flickr & Pinterest.

For more information and download go to – Social Media Tabs WordPress Plugin project page.


  • i use 2 custom values for youtube tab. maybe you can include it to admin panel in wp as video height and top offset/space. i manually change in file dcwp_widget.php line 797 (version 1.3) “$ratio =” from 1.641 to my custom value 1.200 to get more height of video and also line 812 “height:” from 105px to 125px to get better position in the tab (top space)

  • great job. creating google api is easy. i have only one question. linking to google plus post is through the date. is possible to change it to the text(title) of the post? it think, that it will be more practical.

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