Instagram Added To jQuery & WordPress Social Network Tabs Plugins

Social Network Tabs

Version 1.6 of jQuery Social Media Tabs and WordPress Social Network Tabs now includes the Instagram API, bringing the total number of supported networks to 17 with 49 feed options!

Instagram Tab Feed Options

Instagram Feed Tab

  • Show an Instagram user feed
  • Search Instagram tags
  • Show an Instagram Location ID feed
  • Search by latitude/longitude + distance
  • Show post likes with user thumbnail avatar
  • Show latest comments
  • Select image size – 306 px, 150 px or 612 px

In addition to the Instagram update the plugin now includes the ability to display twitter search feeds and options to disable both retweets and twitter replies.

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  • Have just implemented the JQuery Social Tabs on this site, and the Instagram feed isn’t working. In looking at the console, I’m seeing a 404 error on calling the API when the tab is opened. It appears to be working fine on your site, so any idea what the problem may be?

  • I’m having trouble setting up the Instragram tab. What/how do i get the Access Token? And what do I put in for the redirect url?


    • Hi,

      Please send a copy of the license purchase code from codecanyon via the contact tab on our website

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