LinkedIn Added To jQuery Social Media Tabs & WordPress Social Network Tabs Plugins

LinkedIn Plugins

Version 1.5 of both the jQuery Social Media Tabs plugin and the WordPress Social Network Tabs plugin now include the option to add a LinkedIn tab showing up to 4 LinkedIn plugins:

Member Profile Plugin

A personal profile widget displaying your LinkedIn profile image, name, current position, location plus a link to your main profile page. Also includes the option to show links to related profiles.

Company Profile Plugin

A company profile widget showing the company name, logo, summary text and “follow” button with an additional option to show company employees in the viewers network.

Company Insider Plugin

A more detailed company plugin, which includes tabs to show employees in the viewers network, new hires and promotions/changes.

Jobs You May Be Interested In

A widget showing a list of jobs that may be interesting to a viewer – this can be set to either show jobs from a specific company or a general list from the linkedin network.

The latest versions of the plugins, which support 16 social networks with a total of 41 different feed options are now available for download at codecanyon:

jQuery Social Media Tabs

Social Network Tabs For Wordpress


  • Hey there, do you have to purchase the new version including LinkedIn if you have a previous version and are using it on your site?

    • Hi,

      No, you can just download the latest version via your codecanyon profile

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