Pinterest & Buffer Button Updates For Slick Social Shares Plugin

Pinterest & Buffer

The latest version of the Slick Social Shares Buttons Wordpress Plugin includes a new addition – the Buffer button and an exciting feature addition to the increasingly popular pinterest pinit button.

Buffer Button

Buffer is a social network sharing service, which allows you to add Tweets and Facebook posts to your Buffer account and automatically share that content throughout the day. Let Buffer handle the work maintaining your social network presence, allowing you to concentrate on finding great content!

Check out the Buffer website for more info – ttp://

New Pinterest Image Feature

The new and improved pinterest button for the Wordpress slick social share buttons plugin now comes with the option to use a feature, which allows the user to select which image to pin based on all of the available and suitable content on the page.

When the user clicks the “Pin It” button the image thumbnails are shown in a gallery overlay.

The latest version of Slick Social Share Buttons Plugin now gives you the option to use the standard button, which automatically uses the post’s featured image or the new system and give the control to your users. To try out the new button

Both updates are available starting with Slick Social Shares Buttons version 2.4.

Maximising Your Social Network Data

Dont forget to take a look at our latest commercial social network plugin – Top Social Share Posts.

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