Pinterest Pin It Share Button For Wordpress

Pinterest Pin It Button Wordpress

After requests from many users, our popular Wordpress plugin Slick Social Share Buttons now includes the “Pin It” social media share button developed for

Pinterest is a fast growing social share website, which allows its users to create online “pinboards” to organize and share theme based collections of images and descriptions as you browse the internet.

Pinterest Screenshot

Especially popular with creative types, the pin it button offers yet another interesting way of making it easier for your visitors to share your content and grow your traffic.

The “Pin It” button is ideal for very visual websites such as photography and portfolio style sites and also product catalogs – great for online stores!

As with the other buttons on the Slick Social Share plugin, which includes the tweet button, google plus one, google buzz, facebook like, linkedin, stumbleupon and digg, the Pin It button is available in 3 sizes and includes the option of showing a count of the total number of followers for each specific page.

The “Pin It” button is available starting with version 1.4 – check out the Wordpress Slick Social Share Buttons plugin for more information.


  • Hi,
    I installed your perfect plugin, and everything works fine, but if I click the pin button, the page in the background jump up to the top (the post page behind the pinterest thumbnails page). It is possible to switch of this function?
    On my blog there are lot of pictures, and if I want to pin a picture, for example the middle of the post, after the pin, I have to scroll back again to the middle.

    • HI,

      You can switch to the other type of pinterest button, which uses the featured image instead

  • Hi, the piniterest counter is not showing up..can you tell me how to fix it, thanks!

    • Hi,

      Do you mean the complete button or just the part that shows the count?

      If the latter – do you already have posts shared on pinterest as the count only appears once the post has been liked – i.e. it doesnt show zero?

  • Hiya, quick question about the Pin It button. In most of the posts I have few images – is it possible to chose which one I want to pin?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi,

      With the current version of the plugin the pin it button uses the featured image

  • I need the code in html for a non wordpress site for the vertical plugin that I can enact on a .aspx website.

  • I am loving this plugin but seem to be having trouble with the Pinterest button. When you click on it, a blank box shows up instead of an image from the page. The pin doesn’t go through. Help please! Thanks.

    • Hi,

      See response to earlier comment

  • I just need the Pin It button with a counter. Do you have just the button for download? If not you should make one…pretty please :)

  • All of the buttons are working for me except for Pinterest. When I click on it, the pic from the page doesn’t show up, it is a blank box. How do I fix this? Thanks.

    • Hi,

      The plugin uses the post thumbnail as the image, or if a default is set via the options page it will use the default instead. Does your theme have post thumbnails enabled?

      • Ok, the thumbnails are already enabled. I put the url to the photo in but it’s still not showing up.

    • I’m running into the same issue – a blank image appears when you use the Pin It button. I have the Thesis theme installed. Post thumbnails are enabled and I also tried entering a URL into the Post Image field but still nothing shows up.

      • Hi,

        Do you have an image, which has been set to “featured image” in your blog post?

        • I did some googling and I’m afraid it looks as if the Thesis theme doesn’t work with the “featured image” function in Wordpress without some coding.

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