Social Network Tabs & jQuery Social Media Tabs Now With Facebook & Twitter Share Links

jQuery Social Stream Share Links

The latest updates to our popular WordPress Social Network Tabs Plugin & jQuery Social Media Tabs Plugin, versions 1.6.1, now include facebook and twitter share links to help promote your social network posts and boost your traffic!

The latest versions of the plugins also include 2 new feed options; Pinterest boards & Flickr Group Feeds bringing the total number of feed options to 70 across 17 social networks.

Additions available with versions 1.6.1

  • Share feed items via facebook
  • Share feed items via twitter
  • Retweet link on twitter posts
  • Reply link on twitter posts
  • Favorite link on twitter posts
  • Show feed from pinterest boards
  • Option to show twitter images & select image size
  • Show feed from flickr groups
  • Option to hide on mobile devices (< 400px) - WordPress version

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jQuery Social Media Tabs Plugin


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