Social Statistics for Wordpress Plugin Slick Social Share Buttons

Social Share Button Statistics

The Wordpress Plugin Slick Social Share Buttons now includes live social statistics, giving you complete summaries of all of your posts, pages and category page share totals for each social media button.

Features for the social statistics include:

  • View home page, posts, pages or category page social metrics
  • Filter posts by category
  • Order results by post date or alphabetically by post/page title
  • Select number of URLs to display per page
  • Display total share counts as active share buttons or text
  • Total counts of all shares for each website page
  • Total counts for each button type across each category

The new statistics page allows you to quickly and easily see your best performing posts and pages.

Check out the Slick Social Share Buttons plugin project page for more information and download links. Social Stats is available starting with version 2.0 of the plugin.

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