Updated Wordpress Plugin – jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu 2.6

The latest version of the Wordpress jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu plugin includes a couple of new features to improve the menu’s flexibility as well as a change to the auto expand based on current page option.

The two new features added to the widget control panel:

Menu Class

In previous versions the accordion menu used the default Wordpress class name “menu” when creating the menu structure on the page. Starting with version 2.6 you can now change the menu class name, which gives you more control over the styling and integrating with existing theme’s.

To change the class just enter the new class name into the text box next to the “menu class” option.

Leave the text box blank if you want to continue using the default class of “menu”.

Disable Class

The disable class option now adds the ability to switch off parts of the menu giving you full control over which menu items use the accordion style features.

To add a custom class to a Wordpress menu:

Go to Admin -> Appearance -> Menus

Open the “Screen Options” tab in the top-right corner of the admin screen

screen options tab

Check the “CSS Class” box and close the screen options tab

screen options tab open

Open the options tab for the menu item that you want to disable and enter a CSS class name in the “CSS Classes (optional)” text field.

wordpress menu tab

Now enter the same CSS class name in the “Disable Class” option in the widget control panel – this will disable the sub-menu from opening and closing and will therefore be open automatically when the page loads. This option only affects the immediate sub-menu level.

For complete instructions, link to demo page and download go to the Wordpress jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu plugin page.

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  • Hi,
    I installed your great plugin, however I have a problem with current selected menu item. It is working reguarly (current page/post highlighted in menu) if I navigate through the accordion links, but if I click a link on my main nav or I come from a link that is not in the widget, the current selected item remain the last one I clicked on the accordion menu.

    Is there a way to fix it? Am I doing something wrong?

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